<![CDATA[MY QUEST for Stamos - Blog]]>Fri, 27 Nov 2015 18:41:03 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Making Moves!]]>Wed, 25 Nov 2015 01:21:33 GMThttp://myquestforstamos.weebly.com/blog/making-movesGet excited sports fans cause stuff is starting to happen! What started as a silly bet between two stupid people has now gotten national attention and it all started with this little article posted to a local county news site. The following day I got a call from a reporter  at Fox 5 asking if she and her crew could come to my place for an on-camera interview. My initial reaction was "What the hell?" My secondary reaction was "I should probably shower and make my place not look like crap." Within an hour of that call there was an intern, a cameraman, and a reporter sitting in my living room discussing the legend of Stamos and my quest to get him in my wedding.

The whole experience was hilarious. Every time the camera stopped shooting I kept saying "This is so dumb, I love it." My lady also really enjoyed the surprise when she just happened to call:

Her: Hey baby, I'm coming home for lunch do you want anything?
Me: Yeah, sure. Also, Fox 5 is here sitting at our bar
Her: What the f-ck? Are you serious? I hate you

(Love you too baby but this isn't about you! This is about me getting my dream wedding. My dream wedding with John Stamos by my side).

I didn't see the segment when it aired, I was at a wedding, but I knew when it happened based on my phone exploding with notifications. Within a few days I started receiving notifications that it had aired in Chicago, Charlotte, Orlando, LA, and a bunch of other cities I've never been to. One person messaged me on Twitter to say "Just saw this great story here in Detroit, good luck!"

It's been a couple weeks since the segment first aired and still no word from Stamos but I'm not giving up hope. Not yet. Hope will only be lost when I'm standing at the alter watching my beautiful bride walk down the aisle and I look around and think "Dammit, he didn't come." The good news is, I think RJ is coming around to the idea of being replaced by Stamos:

<![CDATA[I Run for Stamos]]>Sun, 25 Oct 2015 00:57:57 GMThttp://myquestforstamos.weebly.com/blog/i-run-for-stamosPicture
Update: I killed it Stamos! After a record setting 5 hours and 6 minutes I can say I have completed a marathon and I have you to thank. If it wasn't for your constant support, motivational words, and the fact that I created a shirt with your face on it to give me strength I don't think I would have been able to finish.

You'd be happy to know that every time I ran by a group of spectators at least a few of them would holler out your name. I even got a few "Have Mercy"-ies said to me whilst running.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, which was by design: I know you had your legal stuff going on (who hasn’t been there?) so I wanted to give you your space. Now I’m back at it and still hoping you will agree to be one of my groomsmen in my upcoming wedding. Let me start by addressing my last posting and Ellen: F(orget) Ellen. I write this heartfelt letter to her hoping she can make-a-wish come true for me and nothing. How absurd is that?  “Big Guns” my backside!

I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow. I’ve never run a marathon in my life but, like sex, I’ve always wanted to try it just once. I’m not really sure how I ended up signing up, I think my buddy Calvin and I were drinking one night and said “You know what would be a good idea?” And here we are. This is where you come in Stamos.

I’ve been training decently over the last few months, though the trip to Munich for Oktoberfest threw my training to hell. While I’m mildly confident I can finish I knew I needed an extra push and that’s when I thought of you. I know this shirt will power me through and I hope it inspires others around me to not give up, to finish strong, and to think “Stamos did this. I owe him my medal.”

Here’s to you John! Hopefully I make you proud.

<![CDATA[The Big Guns]]>Wed, 11 Mar 2015 15:32:09 GMThttp://myquestforstamos.weebly.com/blog/the-big-gunsWelp, you forced me to do this Stamos. You did this. I didn't want to do this but you made me. Your constant ignoring me left me with no choice, I had to bring in the big guns: Ellen. That's right Stamos, I reached out to Ellen - the one from the television. I'm pretty sure she reads each email personally and once she reads this she'll know of my struggle and she will feel for me:

Greetings Ellen! My name is Brendan Hurley and I’m in need of some serious help. You see, I just got engaged to a beautiful woman – why she said “yes” is beyond me – and we’re going through the process of picking our bridal party. Ever since I made a bet with a friend of mine a few months ago it has been my life’s work to get John Stamos to be one of my groomsmen. I know you’re probably busy and I apologize for writing you such a long message but for some reason “How do I get John Stamos in my wedding party?” wasn’t listed in your FAQ (what’s up with that?) I’ve done everything I can think of to get in touch with him. I created a blog. I signed up for the Twitter (something I vowed I’d never do). I even Twittered him a picture of a can of Spaghetti-O’s asking him to be a groomsmen. No response. How can you not respond to Spaghetti-O’s? I’m sure it’s not that he’s a bad guy and has seen my requests and just ignored them cause he thinks it’s creepy and weird. Even he has to know it’s every little boy’s dream to one day grow up and have John Stamos in his wedding. I’m not asking you to get him to agree to this, I’m simply asking that you pass my message on to him and if we happen to become best friends as a result so be it. Stranger things have happened (see above about me landing a hottie). 

Your move Stamos.
<![CDATA[Engagement Party Blues]]>Fri, 06 Mar 2015 20:48:54 GMThttp://myquestforstamos.weebly.com/blog/engagement-party-bluesSo here's something fun: My fiancee's aunt and uncle have offered to throw us an engagement party which is really great. What sucks is her aunt asked for a list of emails for each member of our bridal party. "Why's that suck, that sounds cool, she's inviting your friends." Yeah I know, what sucks is I don't have John Stamos' email address. Do you know how embarrassing it is to not be able to invite the most important person in my wedding to the engagement party? I look like a damn fool. I had to give her Stamos' stand-in's email instead. RJ starting to believe more and more that he's going to be in my wedding and it's going to break his beautiful little heart when I pull that dream from him once Stamos agrees to be a groomsman. I would almost feel bad about it except it's Stamos so RJ can suck it.
<![CDATA[The Date is Set!!]]>Sat, 14 Feb 2015 21:46:11 GMThttp://myquestforstamos.weebly.com/blog/the-date-is-setDear John,
First let me apologize for not having posted anything in the last two weeks, for some reason work decided to get busy so I actually had to do "work." Then my woman left the country for four nights so, naturally, I was out on the town every night.... missing her. And lastly, there just haven't really been many updates and that falls squarely on you for not replying to me yet. But fear not as I have an update. The date is set! I figure not knowing the date is probably the reason you haven't responded yet, you didn't want to commit to something that you may have had to back out of due to a previously scheduled fundraiser or something of that nature. Here's the deal Stamos, Memorial Day weekend 2016 in the farmlands of New York (I will not list the actual location as I don't want a buncha internet weirdos showing up) I will be getting hitched to my lovely bride-to-be and I would like you to be standing right up there with me.

There's something I need to tell you Stamos, it's going to be hard to tell you but it's better you find out from me rather than from someone else. I asked someone else to be my groomsman in case you decide to ruin my hopes and dreams and aspirations. His name is RJ and he's absolutely gorgeous. Before you get jealous I want you to know that I only asked him because if you don't show up I'll need someone equally as handsome as you to stand in your place. I regretfully gave him a can of Spaghetto-O's and it has since gone to his head. However, before you get upset you can clearly see that in my Spaghetti-O message I make it quite clear that if you do show up RJ's out.
And one last thing: Here's a picture of my awesome cat Opie wearing an American flag bow-tie. Are you going to say "no" to this face? I didn't think so. Have your people call my people (Note: My people is me. Just contact me via the Contact link).
<![CDATA[WTF?]]>Fri, 30 Jan 2015 15:39:06 GMThttp://myquestforstamos.weebly.com/blog/wtfLet me start by saying this has nothing to do with my quest to get Stamos in my wedding although I will say that said quest is not going well so far. This blog got a couple hundred views the first couple days but I don't think any of those views were Stamos simply due to the fact that no dot on the stat chart was ridiculously good looking. A number of my tweets got "favorited" which I thought meant something but apparently it doesn't mean a damn thing. As my woman said "Favorited doesn't mean anything, you need retweets." YOU NEED RETWEETS WOMAN! Sorry, sorry, sometimes I yell when I'm angry. Anyway, on to what matters: WTF?

I'm sure I'm behind on the times on this but over the weekend I was at my new favorite watering-hole Celtic House (Arlington, VA) on Sunday watching some college hoops and downing a couple fine bourbons. During a commercial break something caught my eye, it was a Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt commercial and my heart almost shot through my chest. "Stamos is coming on!" I yelled. Then my heat stopped. Stamos did not come on. No, no he did not. Cam flippin' Newton came on the screen. WTF? I sat in silence as I listened to this non-Greek hack try and sell me some yogurt and fail miserably at it. The commercial ended and I lost my mind. "WTF WAS THAT? YOU'RE NO JOHN STAMOS CAM NEWTON! YOU'LL NEVER BE JOHN STAMOS!!!!" I would say the other folks in the bar were equally disgusted and stood and cheered me on as I verbally assaulted that television but in reality they all just kinda looked at me like I was nuts.

I get it Dannon, it's Super Bowl time and you want to tie your yogurt to football but I'm afraid you just shot yourself in the foot. I haven't done any research into this but I can only imagine that Dannon's stock is going to drop like a sack of rocks in the river without Stamos at the helm. I will end with one simple question Dannon: WTF?
<![CDATA[How it all began]]>Sat, 24 Jan 2015 17:57:47 GMThttp://myquestforstamos.weebly.com/blog/how-it-all-beganI got engaged to my wonderful woman New Year's Day 2015: "Yay! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!" Okay great, thanks for the cheers but the engagement isn't the important part: Stamos is. Over the summer of 2014 I was with my friend Nate at the rooftop bar of Whitlow's in Arlington, VA (product placement, you owe me huge Whitlow's!). Over the course of the evening the conversation went from something useless to John Stamos (naturally) and after a couple Budweiser Lights I bet Nate $20 that John Stamos would be in my wedding party.

Before I get ahead of myself let me point out that I am a complete nobody. I am not famous, I don't know anybody famous (unless you count RJ Masoudi, lead singer of the hit boy band 4More that toured Germany in the late 90's before fame and egos got in their way and led to a breakup nastier than that of the band O-Town, but I think only like 20 people count him), and I have no connection whatsoever to fame. I'm just a lowly boy that's excited to get married and more excited to hopefully have Stamos there standing beside me.

So there I am, Whitlow's Rooftop wagering huge bills with Nate that John Stamos will be in my wedding party. We laid out the terms: Basically if Stamos shows up I get $20, if he doesn't I owe $20, they're pretty simple terms. We shake on it and post-shake Nate hurls a curve ball right at my face and asks "How are you going to get John Stamos in your wedding party?"  OH CRAP! I hadn't even thought of that! I was too busy thinking about the yacht I was going to buy with my winnings that I forgot I needed a plan.

The Plan
I woke up the following morning with a slight hangover and an amazing plan. Let me tell you, this plan was pure gold! There was no way this plan wasn't going to work. Stamos was basically already booking his flight. I then passed out and when I woke back up I completely forgot the plan. Rats. All I could remember was Buzzfeed had something to do with my plan but that was it. The brilliance was gone. I finally decided to write Buzzfeed a letter. I don't know Stamos' home address or any way to get in touch with him but I bet you the Buzzfeed folks do. Keep in mind, this was in the early summer of 2014, I was still 6-8 months away from actually proposing. I didn't have a ring yet, I had no plan as to when/where I was going to pop the question. The only thing I knew was that when I got hitched I wanted Stamos there. I spent roughly six hours typing up the following heartfelt plea to the Buzzfeed folks seeking their help:

Dearest Buzzfeed,
        Greetings! My name is Brendan Hurley and I am in serious need of your help. I’m fixing to get engaged in the coming months, unless my girlfriend says “NO” but let’s be honest, why the hell would she? I’m 5’6, pale as hell, and have zero abs. DREAMBOAT! Anyway, that’s not important, here’s the important part: I was at a bar with a buddy of mine (we’ll call him Nate cause that’s his name) and, as usual, John Stamos came up in the conversation. Now there may or may not have been alcohol involved, regardless this exchanged occurred:
                Me: John Stamos will be in my wedding party. I bet you twenty bucks
                Nate: The John Stamos?
                Me: Uncle Mother-F@ckin Jesse, lead singer of Jesse and the Rippers will be in my                         wedding party
                Nate: $20 bucks it is
        The next day I woke up slightly intoxicated and I was in that state where you’re only kinda awake yet still kinda passing out drunk and in that state I had a brilliant idea of how to achieve this. I then passed back out and have since forgotten what the brilliant idea was but I know it had something to do with you folks at BuzzFeed and it was ingenious and it was totally going to work. Alas, I must resort to writing you guys a letter instead of my brilliant plan (hell, a letter to you may have been the brilliant plan, I was seriously so hammered I can’t remember anything other than “BuzzFeed!”).
         Now, you may be wondering “Why does this guy want John Stamos in his wedding party?” Answer: He’s John F@cking Stamos, what kind of question is that? You may also be wondering “What’s in it for Mr. Stamos? Is this guy going to pay him for this?” Answer: I will buy his plane ticket (coach of course, I’m not made of money) and I’ll even give him the whopping $20 after Nate tearfully hands it to me and admits that he is a loser for betting against me. Stamos can even bed any woman at the wedding he wants – except mine. I imagine Stamos would put me to shame in the sex department and I don’t really want her experiencing something so magical only to have to come back to me. Lastly you must be wondering “When is the wedding? Does this loser think Mr. Stamos has an open calendar and can just fly anywhere he wants whenever he wants?” Answer: 1) Yes I think John Stamos can fly wherever whenever he wants (see: “John F@cking Stamos” sentence above) and B) I know he’s probably a busy man and whilst I don’t yet have a date picked I just wanted to reach out to you guys so we could get the wheels in motion and win me twenty bucks.  
        I need your help BuzzFeed, in your infinite wisdom and generosity can you assist a lowly Virginia boy in getting the Greek God that is John Stamos in my wedding party so that I can wipe that stupid smirk off Nate’s dumb face? God bless you BuzzFeed, and God Bless America.

I didn't mail the letter right away; I decided to wait until I was getting ready to pop the question to the girlfriend. I purchased the ring in early December knowing I was going to ask her just after midnight on New Year's Day. Some say that's corny but those people can shove off! It was just after midnight on New Year's during our first year of dating when she said "I love you" for the first time and it caught me completely off guard. Now it was my turn to catch her off guard. Payback's a b!

December 23rd I printed the letter out and signed it and dropped in the mail addressed to "Whoever Knows the Greek God That is John Stamos c/o Buzzfeed."
Weeks went by and I didn't hear anything. That's when I decided to take drastic measures. I signed up for this thing called Twitter because I was told it was something people used to try and communicate to other people. So I took a picture of the letter and tweeted Stamos and Buzzfeed:
Nothing. I got a couple retweets but didn't get anything from Stamos or Buzzfeed. Around this same time my lady had all her bridesmaids over and gave them each a wine bottle with their name on it a message asking them to be her bridesmaids. I thought it was a very nice gesture and thought to myself "You need a classy way to ask your guys to be your groomsmen." So I bought a can of Spaghetti-O's for each of my guys and printed their name and a message off the computer and taped it to the can. Naturally I made one for Stamos and took a picture of it and tweeted it out to him.
Nothing. Granted it's only been two days, I'm sure Stamos is just trying to figure out a way to reply without sounding too excited. So that's where we are. A letter and two tweets and zero response. I won't be deterred though, perhaps this blog will somehow catch his eye and he'll give me a call and the conversation will likely go something like this:
        Stamos: Brendan! It's John
        Me: John who?
        Stamos: John Stamos
        Me: (silent crying)

Here's hoping!